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Do You Know LINO - Web 2.0 Tool?




Lino is an online website which offers stickies and canvases. In this website, the user is able to post, see and peel off stickies on the canvas freely. Lino can be used from PC and also phones which equipped with the function of Android Apps.

Among the features offered by this websites is the ability to take note right away wherever you are and organize your stickies visually. Hence, it is always easier to remember the special days or deadlines and share ideas with text, pictures and videos. Friends will also be able to add on their ideas on our canvases.

Suggested Activities

Teachers and the students are able to share notes, lists, pictures, websites, documents, agendas and also video in the same canvases. They can use this web as a discussion and sharing medium and also as a reminder. The reminder is active when we set the date on it. Reminder will be alerted via email so that members will be aware of the upcoming events. Teachers can also post questions and students can answer it. Not only questions, any kind of information, attachments, videos, and pictures in teaching aid can also be posted here.

More info

Website, click HERE

Tutorial, click HERE

Video, click HERE

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