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So does Livebinders, except the fact that it is actually a website that serves as a platform for users to 'bind' their work in the same place. Livebinders is actually a virtual three-ring web that enables users to have their own work's organizer.
Livebinders is a flexible websites whereby users can choose whether they want to be amember or non-member. Non-members can only view the binders shared publicly by themember-user. On the other note, members are given free account-based whereby they are provided with 100MB capacity as their workspace. Plus, there is no limit of time for member-users like some of the free-trial websites.
Livebinders can also be referred to as virtual notebook. This is because it works similarlylike a notebook with division. The way it works is very convenient, with a straightforward layoutand easy-to-work-with options. Users are given their own dashboard, shelves to view their work easily. Every detail in your work is within reach. So it makes it easier to work with the websitessince the probability of losing any details of your work is very low.
Finally, users are given options whether to keep their binders as private or to publicizethem to other viewers. The binders can be made public by sharing them on the social networkingsites which are linked with the websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a few others. Incontrast, premium users whom paid for their account can be made their binders private (viewablefor authorized members only). Not to mention another special figure of the website is that is allowed collaboration to take place. Users can collaborate with one another to come out with their binders. This makes the websites suitable to be used to make school projects and any team's work.

Benefits of Using Livebinders
Among the benefit of using Livebinders are:
It saves time and energy. Users don't have to go through the entire headache in having to juggle between many files. Livebinders has made organizing work as easy as amouse-click away. The layout and the structure of the website are not complicated evenfor beginners. It is easy to create a binder and arrange all the materials in a single binder.You can have multiple tabs and subtabs in a binder.
It is free.You can have a basic account without having to pay any fee. However, a sumof money has to be paid if users want to upgrade into premium users.
It is user friendly. Livebinders can be used to do various task. It can collaborate andintegrates with other websites such as Prezzi, google doc and may other web 2.0websites. It can also be used for smart board and laptop presentation.
It is flexible. Users just have to add the "LiveBinders it" bookmark on their browser toolbar. Then, they can save the links that they like by clicking on the bookmark withouthaving to log in to this websites. This button can also be included in the users' personal websites or blog.
It is suitable to be used for any subjects. Students or teachers can use Livebinders for every subjects taught in school because Livebinders doesn't has any specific format. The website is universal whereby it can be used for making notes, presentations, portfolios,science school projects, quizzes and many others.
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