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What Is Popplet?

Popplet is a new and fun technology to create a lively learning environment. It can be used in allgrade levels for all subject matters and provides an endless possibility to show our creativity.Popplet combines the online sticky notes services with mind mapping functions. It allows us tocreate our own boards and diagrams that can be used as concept maps of any topics and ideas. Users are able to create " walls " on which they can create "Popples," or individual bubbles, to provide images, drawings, information, videos and other media to convey learning.

Benefits Of Popplet To Teachers And Students

1 ) Engage the users - The " Popples " feature allows the users to contributing any idea or opinion as much as they canand presenting their ideas with each other. When the users invite other people in Popplet, the guest   add any Popples in the users' wall.

2 ) Build a body of knowledge - The users can share their ideas and knowledge with the world. They can make their Poppletsaccessible by the public, group or certain individuals.   

3 ) Encourage the users to think and train their skills to organize information efficiently - The Popplet allows the users to create a mind map by using Popples. They need to organize their ideas better and neatly by moving the Popples around so that the information does not look  rowded and easy to understand.

4 ) Help the teacher to monitor the students who is and is not contributing - The teachers can make use Popplet in their teaching and they also can know whether the studentsare participating or not. The teacher can invite students in Popplet and asks them to answer any question posted in the teacher's wall.

5 ) Help the users to visualize their learning and ideas through graphic organizer - The features in Popplet allow the users to customize the mind map according to their owncreativity. Popplet also is very colorful and it makes the information becomes more interesting toread.

6 ) A user friendly application that can be used by everyone from all age level - The users do not have to worry if they make any mistake in using Popplet. With this application,if the users accidentally draw the wrong thing or make an unnecessary Popples, deleting it issimple and easy.

Features Of Popplet

1 ) Variety of customization options.

2 ) Zooming work space.

3 ) Can add Youtube links and upload pictures from the computer, Google Maps, Flicker andFacebook.

4 ) Can share the Popplet through social network, such as Twitter, Facebook or Blog.

5 ) Can export the Popplet as a JPG or PDF file.

6 ) Can print the Popplet.

7 ) Can comment and draw on the " Popples ".

8 ) Suitable for online and offline presentation.

9 ) Allow access to multiple users by email.

Ways Of Using Popplet In The Classroom

1 ) Presenting historical eventsThe teacher can use the timeline option with the lines and multi-media to create a historical mapfor an event.

2 ) Learning a new language Mind map is a great way to learn a language because it uses both sides of the brain effectivelythrough pictures and words.

3 ) A tool for brainstorming Mind map can be used to generate and organize creative ideas in a workspace that can beexpanded.

4 ) Summarizing The teachers and students can summarize their main ideas before and after a lesson.

5 ) Feedback The comment option allows the users to comment or add ideas on the Popples.

6 ) Homework and notes The teachers can use Popplet to give printable homework and notes to the students.

7 ) Class photo albums / Posters : The students can use Popplet to create class photo album or poster because they can export it as JPG or PDF files.

More Info :

1 ) Website, click HERE

2 ) Tutorial. click HERE

3 ) Video tutorial, click HERE







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